Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Summer Life

Sunburnt faces and arms and legs.
Dirty fingernails, stained hands.
Aching shoulders, burning muscles, sweaty exhaustion.

Talking and teasing and laughing.
Tanned bodies, healthy smiles.
Fast hands, strong limbs, cool, sweet water.

   On Monday I started my summer job: working on a vegetable farm. Right now we are hoeing the veggies - long, long rows of onions and tomatoes and squash and beans... The sun this past week - especially today - has been very hot. And of course I never wear enough sunscreen. My muscles and body are finally starting to get used to the hard physical labour, after being sore all week long. :P But I'm not complaining. I love my job. After being cooped up all winter, sitting around doing school, it is tremendously wonderful to be able to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and get in shape. A few other bonuses are that I get to hang out with friends - right now my friends JJK and SK have been hoeing with me every day - my arms and legs and face get nice and tanned, and my hair's natural highlights brighten after slowly fading all winter.
   No matter how hot, long, or exhausting my day was, I always look back and feel that it was a good day. Maybe it's the hard work, the sense of accomplishment. Or perhaps it's the huge intake of Vitamin D, and that wonderful feeling of being able to be outside all day. Or maybe it's the memories I make, the good conversations my coworkers and I have, and the laughter we all share. It could be something else altogether, but I think it's a mixture of everything. I can't really explain the feeling I have even after a long day's work. But I can tell you this: I love my job, my boss is wonderful and easy-going, and I usually have a lot of fun with my coworkers as we get our work done.

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