Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Discoveries: Memorization

     My piano teacher and I have been talking about memorization (among a billion other things). Basically, I have
struggled with memorizing piano pieces since I started playing piano because I have always tried to memorize pieces in a tactile manner (through correct repetition). Mrs. Graham told me some new memorization methods. 

  1. Aural (ear):
    • listen to the melody, be able to sing/ hum the melody line
    • observe the shaping, the direction the music is going
    • hear chord changes
    • pay attention to the overall sound
  2. Visual (both of the music and the keyboard):
    • study small sections at a time
    • know where you are on the page
  3. Analytical (analyze the music):
    • chords
    • intervals
    • finger placement
    • direction
    • key
    • cadences
    • patterns
    • sections
  4. Mental Memory:
    • hear a perfect performance in your head
    • know exactly how you want to sound
      • know what the tone should sound like
      • know what the balance should be
    • visualize your perfect performance in your head
  5. Kinetics 
    • muscle memory (especially of large leaps)

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