Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New People: Greg and His Two Labradoodles, Bracie and Marley

The best way to met new people is to compliment them on their dogs. If they are friendly people they will instantly become talkative.
I met Greg during my family's stay in Myrtle Beach this year. He was an older gentleman who walked his dogs Marley and Bracie, two beautiful nine-year-old labradoodles, up and down the beach every day. He introduced himself to me because, as he said, he saw me walking every day, and he likes to get to know the other people on the beach. He had, actually, met some of my family the day before. After he met us, he and his wife made sure to come at least as far as our hotel during their walks, so we could pet Marley and Bracie. Also, Daddy and Mommy want to get a labradoodle puppy in the spring (we'll see how that goes).

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